I have had two sessions with Kat so far.  The first thing you notice is the serene and calming atmosphere.  The rooms are so cozy…especially the heated beds!!!  Rooms, linen and equipment are clean.  Kat makes sure you are as comfortable as possible.  Her knowledge of exactly what treatments are needed is astounding.  My condition will take quite a few sessions to get results, but I notice it has already given me some stress relief.  I would recommend Acupuncture Nirvana with Kat to everyone!!

New Client…Forever Client

I look forward to my appointments more than I ever thought I would.  Kat’s energy, spirit, and commitment to her patient’s well being makes this a very special and deeply effective experience.  I have less pain and greater benefits than I could imagine were possible.  Beautiful new space as well.

Couldn’t Be Happier