Bell’s Palsy

This week I’ve seen a few cases of Bell’s Palsy, which is where one side of the face drops. The exact c88177395_1903743896422514_61164891255341056_oause is unknown. It could be inflammation of the nerve that controls the muscles on one side of the face. Or it might be a reaction after a viral infection.. Many people with Bell’s Palsy limit their social interactions bc it can feel very alienating to suddenly look different. But guess what? I’ve seen remarkable and quick results when I’ve treated it. Typically I tell people to come in very soon after a diagnosis – within the week is ideal. You have to get the medical diagnosis first to be sure it’s not a stroke or something more serious. You should plan to get 3-4 acupuncture treatments close together and I usually see a difference right after the first treatment. Sometimes it’s when you get off the treatment table and sometimes it’s the next day. Given that I’ve seen such great results I wanted more people to know how much acupuncture can help! ❤️Acupuncturist Kat

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