Food, Stress & Acupuncture

You are probably aware of a correlation between stress and food. There are a few connections, actually. Sometimes when we are stressed we do not feel hungry, or are unable to eat. Sometimes we over-eat. Sometimes we indulge in foods that are not so healthy for us, (our comfort foods), rather than eating what we know to be healthy.

We all have different relationships with food, and different reactions to stress. This is a very stressful time, and a lot of us are stuck inside worrying, and perhaps eating or not eating [right] to avoid the realities of many difficult situations.. And maybe we can’t exercise like we used to.

In Chinese Medicine the connection between digestion (primarily via the Spleen) and stress is that the Spleen plays a major role in thought/thinking/intellect. When we are nourished, our thoughts are also “healthier”, as opposed to when we are under-nourished it can be difficult to think or concentrate. Also, if we are excessively or obsessively thinking or worrying (similar to what some people experience anxiety as), this can be harmful to the function, health, qi/energy, meridian of the Spleen. And then, even if our diet is okay, we may experience digestive issues.

It’s always important to eat right and have a healthy digestive system, but given all the external factors it is even more essential to be aware of your diet, digestive health, stress, and thoughts. Understanding how they can influence each other is important. If you feel off in any of these areas, please come by and we can help create balance between your digestive health and mental health so you can feel better overall.

❤️Acupuncturist Joel
PC: Edgar Castrejon, Unsplash


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