Gallbladder 34

Acupuncture point Gallbladder (GB) 34 is a point I use regularly, but I hardly explain WHY I do use it. Acupuncture point GB34 is an excellent and effective point that activates and harmonizes the Gallbladder meridian. The gallbladder meridian runs mostly along the side of the body. This acupuncture point is also called the influential point of tendons and sinews – which is a term describing the soft tissue that connects muscles to bone; which will have a systemic effect.  I use this acupuncture point a lot to treat shoulder pain and hip pain. But it’s very effective in treating rib cage pain and knee pain as well as headaches. In your next treatment if you notice I put a needle on the lateral side of your lower leg, this is why.

💖Acupuncturist Alyx

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