How Acupuncture can regulate PMS symptoms

I first got my period when I was 12, while I was playing tennis with Colleen. My belly really really hurt and I bent over after missing a ball. We went to the bathroom and I felt both horror…bc blood…and oh thank god I’m normal….because other girls had gotten it at 10. I always thought it was normal to feel pain and grumpiness before my period and the first few days of it.104338423_2020020274794875_21598117286039519_n  It was only when I was in Chinese medicine school that I learned of two terms: liver blood stagnation and blood deficiency. Liver blood stagnation means blood isn’t circulating well, and it’s understood this can cause frustration, headaches, and a number of symptoms. Blood deficiency is kindof like pre-anemia, it makes you weak and deficient.  Once you get acupuncture for 3 months the PMS tends to stop because the body regulates itself a bit better. But there’s also a well known often used herbal formula for PMS and menstrual issues called Xiao Yao San.

Signs and symptoms:

– Irritability, depression, and moodinesss are:
– Fatigue, headache, and dizziness.
– Hypochondriac fullness or pain.
– Breast distention, irregular menstruation, and dysmenorrhea.
– Bitter taste in the mouth, dry mouth and throat, and poor appetite.

I now know that menstrual pain really isn’t necessary – it’s a sign of disharmony and it can be regulated with herbs and acupuncture usually within 3 months. Ask us how we can help!

❤️Acupuncturist Kat
PC: unsplash


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