Sneaking in Kale into Family Meals

Sneaking in kale: A little weekend cooking inspiration! If your family is tired of egg muffins or boiled eggs, these are great alternatives and they allow you to sneak some kale into your family’s diet.

Spraying olive oil into a muffin tin, take 5 boiled and shredded potatoes, combine w 2 eggs and salt, pepper and garlic (or buy frozen hash browns in the store to do a faster version) and mold them like mini pie crusts into each muffin tin. Bake at 350 until brown. Broil at low heat until middle and tops are brown. Spray a plain pan w olive oil. Then take them out using a spoon and put on pan. Fill w goat cheese and top with kale mixture (kale is made by lightly sautéing kale greens, garlic, cumin, salt and pepper). Bake again at 350, being sure that kale doesn’t get burnt.

Viola! It makes a nice breakfast or you could serve one warmed up with salad greens for dinner.115803156_2053616324768603_2230894881724629668_o (1)

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