Insomnia and the heart

In acupuncture there are different types of insomnia. There is liver insomnia, where you wake up at 3am and can’t get back to sleep. There is spleen insomnia where you never feel rested and sometimes you snore a lot from all the phlegm. Difficulty falling asleep can be heart or/and blood deficiency insomnia.   Waking up from hot flashes d117285600_2067075616756007_968921601613759307_ouring the night indicates yin deficiency. Stomach heat can create a restless agitated type of insomnia where you can’t bear to wear clothes. But no matter what type of insomnia you have, it all affects the heart. Why? Because although insomnia can come from the different organs not functioning as well as they should, in Asian medicine it’s the heart that processes the emotions and it’s the heart where consciousness resides. So it’s the heart that feels it when any part of the body isn’t functioning well bc it’s the organ that handles emotions.  This is such a part of Asian philosophy that although the heart is the “emporer” of the body, it has a special protector – known as the pericardium, which has its own meridian. Insomnia impacts both. That’s why no matter what type of insomnia you have, you may feel anxious or have heart palpitations – because that’s the heart trying to cope. Sometimes it copes well or the pericardium does a great job of absorbing the shock of emotion so it’s less intense. Sometimes it doesn’t.  Rose essential oil and rose teas are great at helping the heart manage difficult emotions. There are also acupuncture points and herbal formulas your acupuncturist may recommend if you have insomnia.
❤️ Acupuncturist Kat
PC: Unsplash

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