Treating Plantar Fascitis, by Joel Fasciani, LAc

Plantar fascitis involves pain on the bottom of the foot, predominantly at the heel.  If you have ever experienced this you know how painful and uncomfortable it is. Due to the involvement of the feet and their important role in mobility, this can be a challenging ailment.  Regarding acupuncture on this location, and the sensitivity of the area even without plantar fascitis, it is almost never needled directly. There is only one acupuncture point on the bottom of the foot (Kidney 1), and although it is a powerful point, it is rarely needled. For pain on the bottom of the foot,  I tend to do points on the sides and top of the foot instead. When I was in clinical studies in school, a supervisor taught me a great treatment that involves placing needles at an inward angle along either side of the Achilles tendon. There are a couple of channels along the leg, the Urinary Bladder and Kidney channels, which are also important in transferring the blocked Qi and helping to reduce pain. This is a great example of using channels to remove pain when you cannot directly needle an area of pain. Another idea is using the opposite end of a body to treat an area, also to pull energy away from a location. For example, needling the head or ears can be used to treat the feet. Acupuncture is a great example to show that the body is cohesively connected. If you have plantar fascitis, come in and we can discuss what the best treatment approach is for you.

Joel Fasciani, LAc
PC: @anja_r

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