New Offering! Tuning forks with Acupuncture

Tuning forks are a great resource for treating mental/emotional health. There are a few different ways that they can be used in treatment. The tuning forks in this video are designed to match specific frequencies/pitches, which can help with relaxation, or to uplift depression, depending on which tuning fork is used. One way the instrument can be used is to hover it around the ears while it is vibrating to allow the sound to calm or awaken the person. Another use is to press the handle onto an acupuncture point, to allow the vibration to be felt by the person. And yet another way to use tuning forks is to stimulate an acupuncture needle that is already placed in the patient. The effect of the tuning fork depends on which tuning fork is used on which acupuncture point. Come in for a treatment and request tuning forks with Joel if you have any issue with stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, anger, irritability, lethargy, or anything related to mood. To set up an appointment with Joel for tuning forks and acupuncture call us at 518-409-6993 or go to and click the book now button, selecting the service “tuning forks and acupuncture”.

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