Acupuncture Is Essential

With the increase in COVID cases and the variant being found in Saratoga Springs we understand that it can be scary to go anywhere. Acupuncture Nirvana is considered ESSENTIAL and will not be closing. Our goal is to treat pain, anxiety and addiction and to keep people out of the ER or having to visit their doctor. And we are here for all the usual issues, from infertility to indigestion.

We prescreen via a phone call 48 hours before an appointment, and 24 hours via email. When you enter for your appointment your temperature and O2 are taken and you are again asked COVID questions by the front desk. Then you are escorted to your private room for a treatment. Your practitioner is then notified by the front desk and meets you in your room. All bathroom facilities are cleaned after each and every patient. All treatment rooms have all linens changed and all surfaces disinfected between each and every patient, and an air purifier is in each room, reception and staff room to purify the air of viruses. At this point both providers have done the first covid vaccination. Everyone is masked during the treatment. So I think it’s safe to say we are at the level of a doctors office and if you need the help we provide, you can feel assured that it will be as safe as a doctors office. We want you to know we are here for you, and are taking every precaution to keep you safe. We understand that pain does not pause, and are here for you. ❤️Acupuncture Nirvana

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