Our Mission & Ideals

There is darkness in this world. There is chronic pain, injury, anxiety, frustration, and stress. There is abuse, disease, death, and aging. Everyone gets overwhelmed and disheartened.

I created Acupuncture Nirvana because I took to heart Ghandi’s saying: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I wanted to create a safe haven in a world that can sometimes be a dark and starless night. I believe it is important to act with integrity, to treat others with respect, to make sure those we treat are safe and cared for, and to be honest with our patients about what we can do to help.

I have seen acupuncture’s ability to reduce pain and inflammation, relieve tight muscles, improve circulation, calm the spirit, improve organ functioning, and help the body heal naturally. I am constantly amazed by how much acupuncture can act as a wonderful compliment to a health care plan.

It is my intention to build a healing center where every practitioner is treated well and treats their patients well, where there is harmony and happiness, where we treat entire families in the community, and where we offer a high standard of professional care. I want it to be a place where you can get help one year, and five years later bring in your son or daughter.

My friends, family and a few hand-picked practitioners are all part of making this clinic the wonderful place that it is. I hope that when you visit, you will feel safe and cared for, that we will successfully help you with any health issue you are struggling with, and that you will want your family and friends to be helped by us too.

The inspiration that I have in building this clinic and in treating patients is the following vow:

As long as diseases afflict living beings, may I be the doctor, the medicine.
And also the nurse Who restores them to health.
May I fall as rain to increase the harvests that must feed living beings and in ages of dire famine may I myself serve as food and drink.
May I be an unending treasury For those desperate and forlorn.
May I manifest as what they require And wish to have near them.
My body, every possession and all goodness, past, present and future.
Without remorse I dedicate to the well-being of the world.
Suffering is transcended by total surrender
And the mind attains to nirvana.
As one day all must be given up,
Why not dedicate it now to universal happiness?
My bodily powers I dedicate
To the well-being of all that lives.
Should anyone wish to kill, abuse or beat me, the responsibility is purely their own.
Should anyone wish to ridicule me And make me an object of jest and scorn
Why should I possibly care If I have dedicated myself to others?
Let them do as they wish with me so long as it does not harm them.
May no one who encounters me ever have an insignificant contact.
Regardless whether those whom I meet respond towards me with anger or faith,
May the mere fact of our meeting
Contribute to the fulfilment of their wishes.
May the slander, harm
And all forms of abuse
That anyone should direct towards me
Act as a cause of their enlightenment.
May I be a protector to the helpless,
A guide to those travelling the path,
A boat to those wishing to cross over
Or a bridge or a raft.
May I be land for those requiring it,
A lamp for those in darkness,
May I be a home for the homeless,
And a servant for the world.

Shantideva Bodhicaryavatara Bodhisattva Vow

Katherine MacKenzie (Kat)
Owner and Acupuncturist

As a side note, every practitioner looks to someone else to inspire them. One person who has particularly inspired me is Matt Congdon. He is fierce. He not only gave others hope by running the Glen Falls Youth Center, but he fought through many health difficulties, and always approached them with a wicked sense of humor and a deeply philosophical nature. He was a fighter with the biggest heart. Matt is proof that one person can make a huge difference in the world, and an encouragement to never give up.