Acupuncture for Low Back Pain & Degenerative Disc Disease

I’m asked a lot about whether it’s safe to put needles right along side the spinal vertebrae. The answer is YES! It’s derived from a Japanese form of Acupuncture and they are called Huato Jiaji points. The needles are placed right next to the discs rather than in them so the spinal cord is entirely safe. By putting these acupuncture points in, I’m encouraging a strong flow of blood into the area that clears out inflammation from the spine and it aids healing. I find this especially helpful in cases of degenerative disc disease because it prevents further degeneration and it also helps manage the pain.

Acupuncturist Alyx


Meet the Acupuncturist: Kat MacKenzie, MS, LAc

Meet the Acupuncturist and Owner: Katherine MacKenzie, MS, LAc talks about her education, her 11 years of experience, why she became an acupuncturist, how acupuncture integrates with western medicine, how each practitioner is different, and a few of her hobbies.


Meet the Acupuncturist: Alyx Soesman, MS, LAc

Meet the Acupuncturist: Alyx Soesman, MS, LAc. Alyx Soesman talks about why she became an acupuncturist, her background and education, and what kind of patients she loves to treat!

Alyx Soemsan talks about why she became an acupuncturist, her background and education, and what kind of patients she loves to treat.

Quitting Smoking and How Acupuncture Helped

Recently, I did one of the most challenging things in my life; I quit smoking, cold turkey. It was something I have been wanting to do for over a year and as many people know, it is incredibly difficult given how addicting Nicotine is. Luckily, I didn’t have to do it alone. My colleagues helped me through the unbearable first week with Acupuncture. These ear points are an incredible support system while quitting as it helps a lot with the withdrawal symptoms.

Acupuncture points in the ear to help smoking cessation.

*One point is useful for anxiety/irritability and helps control those mood swings and helps dim the intensity of anxiety attacks.

**The second point is for Stomach. This point helps control appetite. The emotion designated with Stomach is also desire and need. So this point also helps a lot with the desire of going back to the Nicotine.

***And Lastly, the third point is for the Lung. When you quit smoking, the lungs start to cleanse themselves and a cough can develop so all the toxins in the lungs are expelled. This ear point helps rid those toxins more efficiently and helps to prevent a chronic cough.

These ear points will not make you magically want to quit smoking. But if and when you find the strength to go for it and get rid of this incredibly addictive toxic habit, acupuncture is an incredible support system and I’m grateful for how much it helped me.

❤️Acupuncturist Alyx
P.S. Thank you to Kat for being my ear model.