Update: Both Alyx and Kat (our 2 acupuncture providers) have received the first COVID vaccine as of 1/6/21 and the second in February.

Acupuncture has been deemed an essential service by NY state.   Our role in healthcare during the pandemic is to provide pain relief and manage pain conditions, as well as to treat anxiety and depression.  This thus keeps non-emergency patient situations out of the hospital.

  • We have reviewed CDC and OSHA guidelines and NY State Requirements to make sure you will be safe.  
  • Please see the below documents for more info the ASNY pandemic plan, which we are following. 
  • For more info on COVID-19 testing, please click here
  • Below we also have a videos on how we disinfect our room between each patient.  Please note that each staff member will be wearing a mask during your treatment. We require all of our patients to as well. 
  • We are screening you (checking temperature, oxygen levels, and asking the COVID questions) when you enter, but we are also following the same screening process for ourselves as well.  Thank you for working with us to keep everyone safe.

Pandemic Plan created by the Acupuncture Society of NY (ASNY) that we are following (ASNY is the organization for NY acupuncturists)

Please click here for more information on acupuncture pandemic procedures we follow as of June 2021.  This information is created by the Acupuncture Society of NY. Clean Needle Technique
(all our acupuncturists have read this manual and taken this course)
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Here is our room disinfecting procedures:
Acupuncturist Alyx has just had a patient leave, and shows us what she does to disinfect a room and prepare it for the next patient.  If you have any difficulty viewing here is the link: