We reopened June 3, when our area of the capital region entered stage 2.  Acupuncture has been deemed essential.  We have reviewed CDC and OSHA guidelines and NY State Requirements to make sure you will be safe.  Every staff member has been walked through the new procedures required and has signed off saying that they will follow the procedures.

Additionally, here is a Quick Reference for a Patients Journey  This accompanies the ASNY Pandemic Plan.  Please see the below documents for more info on our pandemic plan.  For more info on COVID-19 testing, please click here.

Pandemic Plan created by the Acupuncture Society of NY (ASNY) that we are following (ASNY is the organization for NY acupuncturists)

Acupuncture Nirvana Pandemic Plan required by NY Forward


Clean Needle Technique
(all our acupuncturists have read this manual and taken this course)
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Here is a clinic walk through video from our you tube channel so you know exactly what to expect as a patient from start to finish:

If you have any difficulty viewing here is the link: 
It is following the pandemic plan created by the Acupuncture Society of NY (ASNY) and my clinic’s pandemic plan following the checklist mandated by NY forward for all clinics to fill out.

Here is the training our staff will be doing to ensure your safety:

  • Each staff member will have read and signed saying they have reviewed our Pandemic Plan and our OSHA manual.
  • Each staff member will have completed the following online trainings:
    • Steri-safe Bloodborne Pathogens Training
    • Hand Hygene Training
    • Personal Protective Equipment Training
    • Biohazardous Waste Training
    • Annual HIPAA training (just because it’s a pandemic doesn’t mean your privacy rights aren’t important).
  • Each staff member will be walked through the new pandemic procedures.  We plan on continuing these procedures until our county has exited stage 4, and possibly until the whole state of NY has exited stage 4 of the reopen plan for NY.
  • Each staff member will be wearing a mask during treatment.