Infertility & Pregnancy Acupuncture

Infertility Acupuncture: This consists of using acupuncture to help the body to regulate itself better.  We will ask what your OBGYN has found to be the issue – for example, if you just got off birth control and you’ve been on it for 5 years, it can take 6 months for the body to regulate itself.  If you have an uneven cycle, where ovulation days keep changing and your cycle shifts from 21-30 days, that can be regulated.  Or if you are anemic, or bleeding heavily, always have PMS, or you don’t have many eggs, acupuncture has points that can assist all of these things.  If your doctor is open to you using herbal formulas we can also provide explanations to your doctor of what we would like to give you and how it can help.  Ultimately the goal is to assist you in having the family that you want and to make it a process where you feel nurtured and cared for, so you have the energy to nurture your babies.

Miscarriage Prevention Acupuncture: If you have miscarried even once, we know it is a traumatic experience.  The goal is prevention – we use points to lift energy (so that when you next get pregnant the baby does not descend/miscarry).  We also work on nourishing the uterus, and regulating hormones.  We do points to calm the spirit (because this can be stressful, which does not help).  We do not do herbs at this stage – just acupuncture.

Pregnancy Acupuncture: Once a month treatments during the pregnancy can help handle the nausea/morning sickness and discomfort of pregnancy. The goal of pregnancy acupuncture is to continue miscarriage prevention but to also help the mother continue with the best state of health while the baby is growing.  The goal is also to have a healthy birth. This may benefit both the growing baby and the mother.

Breech Baby Acupuncture: If your baby is breech, acupuncture treatments may help give a gentle push to having the baby in the right position.  We also offer moxa therapy for this and will show you how to accomplish this at home as well and send you home with instructions on how to do it and the moxa.  We encourage you to also talk to your doctor about exercises to help the baby get into the right position.  Typically we recommend 4 breech baby treatments starting at week 32, but if you don’t have the time or money, 1 treatment will still help and we can show you the moxa therapies for use at home during the session.  We just encourage you to start at week 32 so you have the best chance for success.  Even with exercises and moxa, there may be a medical reason the baby does not turn.  But remember – these techniques are natural gentle pushes.  They are just encouraging the baby to turn in a way that does not harm.

Birth-time Acupuncture: If your doctor is already scheduling an induction, you may want to come in.  The acupuncture will cause the baby to move and kick, and may help things along.  If your baby is ready to move on out, it may assist in this process.

Post-pregnancy recovery: Giving birth can be very depleting.  At your most depleted, you now have a baby to take care of, may be breastfeeding and getting very little sleep.  If you have other children this can be extremely hard.  At this stage we do a treatment called mother-warming, which involves using moxa to warm the womb and help the body recover.  We also suggest taking herbs to nourish qi and blood so that the mother can recover more easily.  If you also have post-partum depression at this time, we believe this is often because the woman is so depleted, and acupuncture and herbs can help.