Solving Knee Pain

Not all knee pain comes from the knee! Here’s an example of a treatment protocol I use when pain in the knee originates from trigger points in 2 of the hamstring muscles; semi-membranosus and semi-tendinosus. These two muscles attach to the inside of the knee and when the muscle is super tight, it will pull on the knee creating “knee pain”. Something a little acupuncture and cupping can fix and easily!

💕Acupuncturist Alyx

Acupuncture for knee pain
Cupping for knee pain


Gua Sha for Pain

Back in the spring, I demonstrated how to use gua sha to alleviate a cough or shortness of breath and to improve lung health. This tool also has the ability to alleviate muscle tightness!

In this video here, I have a patient who came in with ankle pain and lateral lower leg pain. The source turned out to be a trigger point in the Peroneal Longus muscle. Trigger point therapy can be very intense for some people, so gua sha is an excellent tool to use to loosen muscles up for those that are sensitive.

Gua sha smooths the fascia that encases the muscle allowing the muscle to expand and relax more easily and it pushes lactic acid out providing pain relief in the area. Gua sha also breaks up blood stagnation in that muscle promoting better blood flow to the area.

If you are highly sensitive to needles or trigger point therapy – that’s okay! Gua sha can be a great tool for you as it’s effective, but more comfortable.

❤️Alyx Soesman, Acupuncturist