Tools of the Trade

036 Acupuncture Needles

Tiny, sterilized needles that are not much bigger than a thick human hair. They are used to release knotted muscle fibers and stimulate the body’s ability to heal.



Plastic or glass cups that use suction to push and pull fascia and muscle in order to release tension.


Facial Cupping

A variant of cupping using smaller cups, used to help relieve sinus issues.


 Jade Roller

A cold jade stone that is used to rub the surface of the skin during facials and to relieve sinus pressure.


Ear Beads

A tiny bead that is placed on the ear and stays put via a Band-Aid like sticker.  It is meant to stay on 4-5 days and stimulates acupuncture points on the ear (for example, stress points, weight loss points, smoking cessation points, and points to stimulate organs like the kidneys, heart, lungs and liver).



Gua Sha

Coconut oil is placed on the skin and a special tool is used to rub the skin surface, breaking up adhesions along the fascia.




E-Stim is known by many as a TENS unit, and commonly received during physical therapy.  Unlike physical therapy, in which the electricity is sent to a pad on the surface of the skin, acupuncture TENS units have special clamps that rest on the needle and send the electricity through the needle, allowing it to more deeply affect the body, stimulating muscle release and anti-inflammatory effects.

074 Smokeless Charcoaled Moxa

Known as Mugwort or Ai Ye, is extremely warming as an herb, and can stimulate a point.  This is commonly known for turning breech baby’s and “motherwarming” which is a way of nourishing a woman who has just given birth.

082 Needle Moxa

Used on a point to greatly stimulate it.  It is most commonly used on digestive points (both on the leg and belly), to warm a cold belly and get a slow metabolism going.  It can also help with PMS.

032 Lion Warmer Moxa

A tiny stick of moxa is placed in a metallic holder with vents to allow the herb to warm the skin surface.  The metal object is then rolled along the surface of the skin and feels pleasantly warm and comforting.  It is meant to increase stimulation and relax tight muscles.

056 Herbal Poultices

Herbal poultices are applied to areas of pain to stimulate circulation and to accelerate healing.

046 Balms

Healing balms are applied to areas of pain to accelerate healing, improve circulation and decrease inflammation.