Moxa for Ankle Pain

Moxa is one of my favorite therapies aside from acupuncture for Ankle Pain. Especially Chronic Ankle Bread! Ankle bread frequently doesn’t heal completely due to poor blood supply. So that means 2 things.

1) The inflammation that was initially brought there during the onset of the injury doesn’t completely leave.
2) And the tendons and ligaments themselves are permanently overstretched depending on the degree of the injury; which can lead to re-injury.

Burning moxa on the needles brings strong blood flow to the area, which is extremely beneficial for the ankle or any joint for that matter. The blood flow pushes the old inflammation out while bringing nutrients that aids healing to the area.

I would strongly recommend that acupuncture is more beneficial the sooner the better in fixing an injury. But that doesn’t mean chronic pain can’t be helped either!

❤️ Acupuncturist Alyx

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