Acupuncture Point: Triple Warmer 5

I got an acupuncture treatment from Acupuncturist Joel yesterday focusing on acupuncture point Triple Warmer 5…the intake, transformation and elimination of solids, fluids and energy.

In a way, the triple warmer meridian absorbs all that we introduce to the body and the spirit, and chooses how to respond to it and how to transform it. It isn’t a coincidence that I’ve been thinking about how to approach life differently, and enjoy the moments more fully.

Today I am pausing even though I have things I want to do today…I am pausing and reading a magazine I really adore, with some beautiful images of food by @boxofspice and in thinking of Triple Warmer 5 and transformation, these words jumped out at me: “Be happy. It is the only thing that will keep your body alive and well.”

It is so true – you can give all your experiences a sad or an angry edge – or you can give all your experiences a bit of happy.  It’s literally your choice how you transform your food and your experiences and it’s your choice to see the glass half full or half empty.  You can’t control everything but you can control how you approach the world and the way you decide to transform experiences and foods within yourself.

Pretty Powerful eh?  For me it starts with not always being busy.  Just pausing for a bit to read a magazine I really enjoy and savoring a Saturday morning.
Acupuncturist Kat