Homeschool Help to the Rescue!


For those of you who’ve visited Nirvana, you may have talked to Joy, our evening front desk. Joy has also homeschooled her 4 kids for over 15 years. When one of them decided to switch from homeschooling to public high school, he graduated as the class valedictorian. My nieces and nephews are all very funny, smart, socially well-adjusted people who have mostly been home-schooled their whole lives. I also have seen just how much work that takes. My sister has a lot of different practices she uses that has made it work well for her family. As many families are forced to homeschool, and a lot of parents are starting from ground zero in figuring out how to make this work out well, Joy has gotten so many questions that she has started a little side business during the pandemic called Appletree Homeschool Consulting. You can hire her for help and/or follow her posts on Facebook at Appletree Homeschool Consulting or on Instagram @appletree.homeschool

❤️Acupuncturist Kat

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