Trigger Points and Knee Pain

Not all knee pain is an abnormality in the knee joint itself. This muscle I’m pointing to is called Vastus Medialis and it is one of the 4 quadricep muscles.  When a Trigger point develops in that muscle or what people often call it “a tight knot”, it pulls the muscle fibers together creating tension in where the muscle attaches which in this case, is the inside of the knee joint. This trigger point can also make it difficult to walk up stairs or it can manifest as a buckling knee.  So if you are experiencing knee pain and an X-ray or MRI indicates no diagnosis as to why there is pain, you’re quadricep muscle may be the culprit! And YES, acupuncture helps this in typically 2-5 treatments depending on multiple factors.In the comments I’ve put a photo of the muscles around the knee – the X’s indicate where the trigger point usually occurs to create knee tension and the red indicates where there is referring pain.
❤️Acupuncturist Alyx

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